Session 5: Minutes and materials - Thursday, 28th of April 2016

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Session topic

Phase B: Concepts of Participation B.1 Community design: Shades of participation

  • Session date: Thursday, 28th of April 2016, 15 30 - 17 00 CEST

Agenda and Outputs

  • Thematic input: Community Participation: An (incomplete) international perspective by Prof. Deni Ruggeri, NMBU Norway
  • Interactive part - during which participants brainstormed on the main forms of engagement they have been involved so far
  • Seminar sequence and assignments

Session slides and recordings

Next steps for active participants

Assignment 1 - Reading and Synthesizing Core Terminology

  • Read the detailed description of this assignment
  • All readings can be found here:readings and resources
  • Some readings are in a closed folder, login has been send by e-mail
  • The process of selecting readings per paricipant should be complete now
  • Each participant starts reading and selects three core concepts from his/her selected reading(s)
  • These concepts are placed on the group concept map, start explaining them on the map
  • You will also be invited to join the LED cmaps cloud folder for your concept mapping (will be send per e-mail as well)

Assignment 2 - Your Landscape Symbols

  • this assignment is finished

Assignment 3 - Role Play on Landscape Democracy "movers and shakers"

  • The role play takes place in the next session on 5th of May
  • Read the detailed description of this assignment
  • Select the 'mover and shaker' you would like to role play from this list
  • train the role play beforehand in your group.
  • Each group has 10 minutes for a 'virtual roundtable', so you may prepare for a discussion around 2 questions

Assignment 4 - Your Landscape Democracy Challenge

  • Read the detailed description of this assignment
  • Document your local landscape democracy challenge until 12th of May

Further references

Participant map

Please add your location to our interactive map, if you have not done so yet:

Next Session

B.2 Engaging communities: theories and tools for public participation

  • Thematic input: Engaging the public. Theories and methods of public participation with Dr Kristin Faurest
  • Role play 'movers and shakers' with the seminar participants

Session date: Thursday, 5th of May 2016, 15 30 - 17 00 pm CEST