Seminar Democratic Landscape Transformation 2023

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Dear landscape democracy enthusiasts,

We invite you to another journey across landscape, democracy, co-creation and collective visioning!

You want to learn more about the LED programme? Please have a look at the video documentation of our online seminar and intensive study programme 2016.

Are you a planning or design student interested in learning how to create more inclusive, open and democratic landscapes?

Then participate in the Open Landscape Academy: an exciting way to earn credits and strengthen important professional skills.

  • Our next open online seminar will start on Wednesday, April 5, 2023
  • Sessions will be on Wednesdays from 18 00 - 19 30 CET
  • The 2023 onsite programme will take place in Ravenna, Italy, from July 24 to August 1, 2023
  • We invite interested universities to join our annual platform together with their students and local communities.
  • For any further information please email us under info(at)
  • For more details and an overview of the program, see another section of this Wiki: Towards the Open Landscape Academy

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Collaborating for Democratic Landscape Transformation

The landscape belongs to everyone. We should all have equal access to it and a voice in how it is used, valued and maintained. However, spatial planning education rarely includes considerations of democratic processes, participatory planning, community design and landscape stewardship. Furthermore, it does not fully prepare young practitioners to become leaders in promoting democratic landscape change and work effectively in partnership with communities.

The idea behind this course is to promote awareness and empower young design and planning professionals to become more active in shaping democratic change. Our goal is to fill a gap in design and planning education and give students the opportunity to confront themselves with pressing issues of landscape democracy, right to the landscape and participation.