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OLA Charta of Democratic Landscape Transformation

The vision, mission and values of the Open Landscape Academy are comprised in the OLA Charta of Democratic Landscape Transformation. This is a living document we are constantly further developing.

Session materials and recordings

Unit 1: Mapping the Terrain

Key Readings

Unit 2: Entering the Process: A reflection on our role and agency

Key Readings

Key Articles

Websites, manuals and blogs

Case studies

  • Superblocks, Barcelona (Oriol Bohigas, Ildefons Cerdà)
  • Marjory Allen, Lady Allen of Hurtwood, adventure playgrounds
  • Dimitris Pikionis, Greek Architect (Acropolis and the Hill of Philopappou)

Short List of Landscape Democracy 'Movers and Shakers' (to be extended)

  • Wangari Maathai (Kenyan Green Belt movement)
  • Jadav Payeng (Forest man)
  • Kofi Boone (Black Landscapes Matter)
  • Hoichi Kurisu (healing gardens, Oregon State Penitentiary garden)
  • Randy Hester (UC Berkeley, Manteo, Big Wild, The Spoonbill project)
  • Lawrence (Larry) Halprin, (The RSVP cycle, Levi’s Plaza and Headquarters)
  • Karl Linn (UC Berkeley, Community Gardens)
  • Mark Francis (Village homes)
  • Anne Spirn (Mill Creek Project)
  • Ken Reardon (University of Memphis, the East Saint Louis Project)
  • Henry Sanoff (Planning Games)
  • Ralph Erskine (Byker Redevelopment)
  • Jeff Hou (Insurgent Urbanism, International district in Seattle)
  • Walter Hood (UC Berkeley, Lafayette Park Oakland, CA)
  • Samuel Mockbee (The Rural Studio)
  • James Rojas (place-it)
  • ReBar (Parking day/parklets)
  • Giancarlo De Carlo (Team 10, Legitimizing architecture)
  • Paula Horrigan (Cornell University; Rust to Green project)
  • Christopher Alexander (The Oregon Experiment, Pattern Language)
  • Julian Petrin et al., Hamburg (nexthamburg, German only)
  • Leonie Sandercock (University of British Columbia, Collingwood Neighbourhood House)
  • Klaus Overmeyer (Urban Catalyst Studio)
  • Robert Jungk (Zukunftswerkstatt)
  • Cecily Corti (Vinzi Rast mittendrin)
  • Santiago Cirugeda, Seville Spain
  • Sonja Hörster (Germany)
  • Dominika Tihanyi (Budapest)
  • Monika Arzberger (Germany)
  • Alessandra Orofino
  • Khondaker Hasibul Kabir (Bangladesh)

Unit 3 - Visioning and Co-Creation

Unit 4 - Evaluation and Outlook

  • Landscape Democracy Tool Box, from the first landscape democracy project
  • Campilan, D., 2000. Participatory Evaluation of Participatory Research. Paper presented at the Forum on Evaluation of International Cooperation Projects: Centering on Development of Human Resources in the Field of Agriculture held on 6-7 December 2000at the International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Education (ICCAE) of Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan.


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Archive with reading lists and materials from previous courses

General: Materials and Recordings from previous seminars (free for everyone to use)

The Legal Framework of Landscape Democracy


United Nations

  • The New Urban Agenda Quito Declaration on Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements for All, UN resolution from December 2016
  • The Aarhus Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters

Council of Europe

European Union (Parliament and Council)

International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA-Europe)

European Council of Spatial Planners



Accompanying lecture reading: Bruns/Bartolomei, 2016 'Concepts of Landscape'

Democratic Landscape Analysis

Key Readings

Collaborative Visioning

Key Readings

Further Readings

Collaborative Design, Transformation and Testing


Ethics of Prototyping

Further Readings

Concepts of Participation

Further recommended readings and resources

Community and Identity

Further recommended readings and resources:


A compilation of methods

Further recommended readings and resources:

Communicating a Vision

  • Online decision making with loomio

Storytelling theory

Case study - Water Square Benthemplein

  • Boer, Florian, Jens Jorritsma, and Dirk van Peijpe. 2010. De Urbanisten and the wondrous water square. Rotterdam: 010 Publishers. Webpage and Video

Case study - Los Angeles River

Learning democracy theory

Games in urban planning examples

Apps, webpages, toolkits