Assignment 1: Reading and Synthesizing Core Terminology

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Time frame

Weeks 1-12: 31.03. – 06.06.2016

Task description

  • Each seminar phase is supported by a selection of scientific readings linking the lectures and activities to relevant theories and methodologies. In addition to reading the required core articles related to each seminar phase every group will select at least one article per participant for exploring the core terminology.
  • For each group, the selected articles will serve as the theoretical base of the course, i.e. landscape concepts, legal frameworks and policy documents for public participation in the landscape context, participation and community planning theory.
  • Depending on the number of participants, each group will process 3-5 readings this way. Of course, the scope of terminology can be extended to more readings as you move through the course.

Sequence of Activities

  1. Group selects its readings until 25th of April 2016 and adds them to the readings selection page
  2. Each group member selects the three most relevant concepts of his/her reading and defines these concepts on the group concept map in the Cmaps Cloud.
  3. Show interrelations between your terms and make them explicit on your map. Please also add a translation of the three terms to your native language. This individual part needs to be finished on 23rd of May 2016
  4. Within your group you will then reflect on the overall relationships between readings and about terms that may emerge as "key". Make the relationships explicit with arrows/linking words in your concept map. The groups must complete this process by 6th of June 2016.
  5. Briefly report on your group process as part of the wiki documentation.

In addition, the required readings for each seminar phase will be communicated by the respective lecturers at the beginning of each section.

Tools and methods

Evaluation criteria

  • Logical correctness and conceptual depth of final concept map
  • Adequate level of abstraction (ie. not too few and not too many elements)

All Group Concept Maps