Assignment 4: Your Landscape Democracy Challenge

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Time frame

Weeks 5 – 25.04.2016 - 19.05.2016

Task description

  • Based on your theoretical reflection of the multifaceted relationship between landscape and democracy you are now invited to identify landscape democracy challenges in the everyday environment in a community of your choosing.
  • This can be a recent or planned project that raised public concern at either a local or 'regional' landscape process affected by broader political, socio-cultural, economic or environmental driving force.
  • The aim of this assignment is not to find a solution, but to act as a researcher to identify, analyze, synthesize and communicate the challenge you have chosen to understand and its cause-effect relationships. later in the course you will be asked to develop strategies and models for change, addressed in assignment 5.

Submission format and presentation

  • Individual work: Landscape Challenge Wiki template to be completed (graphics, short texts) by 12th of May 2016
  • Group work:Reflection on differences and similarities between the cases, prepare group presentation and present findings in plenary on 19th of May 2016
  • Prepare your group presentation by using this PPT template

Evaluation criteria

  • Quality of individual documentation, completeness, visual representation of status, risks, cause-effect relationships, timely submission
  • Quality and depth of cross-cutting analysis in the group
  • Quality of oral presentation (i.e. keeping time limits, clarity, quality of presentation slides)