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This wiki site serves as a collaborative platform for all the learning activities of the ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership Landscape Education for Democracy.

The project aims to develop a study module on the topic of participatory planning which has been founded on a partnership between five European universities and the LE:NOTRE Institute.

Here, you're able to find information about all of our collaborative learning activities, as well as, our outputs from each of our endeavors. This site is the active documentation of project partnership, and is updated on a regular basis.

Each learning activity has an online component open to anyone interested in the topic and a workshop component, which is addressed to students enrolled in the study programmes of the university partners. The workshops are incorporated into both a long-term and intensive practice in community engagement.

Our 2021 teams work in different living labs across Europe over the summer term 2021. The locations are: Budapest (HU), Bologna (IT), Nürtingen (DE), Uppsala (Sweden), Zagreb (HR), Gdansk (PL) as well as Bratislava and Nitra in Slovakia.

Bologna Living Lab

Bratislava Living Lab

Budapest Living Lab

Gdansk Living Lab

Nitra Living Lab

Nürtingen Living Lab

Uppsala Living Lab

Zagreb Living Lab

ERASMUS+ Programme

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The LED2LEAP Project is partially funded by the ERASMUS+ European Union grant program, under grant no.2019‐1‐NL01‐KA203‐060497. Neither the European Commission nor the project's national funding agency is responsible for the content or liable for any losses or damages incurred that are the result of the use of these resources.