Session 3: Minutes and materials - Thursday, 14th of April 2016

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Session topic

Phase A. Landscape and Democracy - Mapping the Terrain A.3 Landscape and Democracy: Conceptual Connections

  • Session date: Thursday, 14th of April 2016, 15 30 - 17 00 CEST

Agenda and Outputs

world cloud generated from participants' answers to the question of who is often left out of landscape consensus-building and decision-making processes
  • Thematic input: Landscape and Democracy - Conceptual Links by Prof. Dr. Diedrich Bruns, Kassel University
  • Interactive part - during which participants brainstormed on 'unsusual suspects' in participation
  • The 'unusual suspects'
  • Seminar sequence and assignments

Session slides and recordings

Next steps for active participants

Group formation

  • all groups should be collaborating now

Assignment 1 - Reading and Synthesizing Core Terminology

  • Read the detailed description of this assignment
  • Start checking the seminar readings and resources
  • Some readings are in a closed folder, login will be send by e-mail
  • You will also be invited to join the LED cmaps cloud folder for your concept mapping (will be send per e-mail as well)

Assignment 2 - Your Landscape Symbols

  • Read the detailed description of this assignment
  • Next step: Identify this assignment on your working group page and proceed with the reflection and documentation
  • Reflect on your landscape symbols within your working group
  • Complete your assignment template on the wiki until 21st of April
  • about adding images: please download this short tutorial
  • For the presentation please use this PPT template
  • Send the PPT to your tutor before Thursday, 21st of April

How will the presentation work?

  • Nine groups will present in four moderated breakout rooms
  • Your presentation slides will be ready in the rooms
  • Each group has 20-25 minutes to present + 10 minutes discussion
  • We will offer a soundcheck opportunity on Thursday 21st from 13 30 – 15 30 pm, please sign up here
  • You need to attend with a headset, webcam optional
  • Please avoid built-in microphones (acoustic feedback!)
  • Everyone will say something – please plan this in advance and test the timing of your presentation

Further references

Participant map

Please add your location to our interactive map, if you have not done so yet:

Next Session

A.4 Your Landscape Symbols - Group Presentations

Session date: Thursday, 21st of April 2016, 15 30 - 17 00 pm CEST

Working groups present and discuss their findings in parallel rooms