LED 2016 Group I Democratic Change Process

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Copy - paste the wiki text of the landscape democracy challenge you have selected for further discussion, then continue with the rest of the template, please place the references at the end now

Power Map

Create a visual representation of the stakeholder groups that are involved in your case. Try to cover the following aspects in your representation: Power (high, medium, low) / Support (positive, neutral, negative)/ Influence (high or low)/ Need (strong, medium, weak)+ also map the relationships between the stakeholder/power groups

Change Process

Look at the various methods and tools available and think how they can be applied creatively. Think about the needs of different stakeholder groups - you may need a methodical mix to address them all. Illustrate graphically how these methods/tools might be applied in a short, medium and long-term perspective.

Concluding reflections

  • Reflect on your case and your change model. Potentials? Limitations?
  • Which practices or practitioners have framed your work, including a brief narrative of the potential gaps you have filled in our knowledge as designers and planners of participation.(approx. 150 words)