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Area Braike
Place Nürtingen
Country Germany
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Landscape Democracy Rationale

  • Why do you think this case is relevant? What is your hypothesis considering the landscape challenges?
  • Format: 3-4 sentences

Location and Scope

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Phase A: Mapping Your Community

Welcome to Your Community and Their Landscape

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Groups of Actors and Stakeholders in Your Community

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Relationships Between Your Actors and Groups

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Summary of Your Learnings from the Transnational Discussion Panel

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Theory Reflection

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Phase B: Democratic Landscape Analysis and Assessment

Baumer & Fehr Conclusions and Analysis Readingsection A

Jaro Janszen & Kathrin Sehl - Talking to a Pessimist

Anika Pahl: Endangered open spaces in the Braike - Tiny houses replacing honey bees

Video on:


Your Name and title of your personal analysis

Lea Baumer: Get on the way

TINY PROTEST - Endangered Greenspaces in urban areas

Project from Kathrin Sehl and Anika Pahl


In the Braike, as in all parts of the world, more and more green spaces are being lost due to densification. In addition smaller existing green spaces are currently hardly noticed due to their untapped potential. That's exactly we wanted to change through our project.



  • help the green spaces to become more visible again
  • change the perception of greenspaces in the eyes of people (perceive them as community space, center of the quarter, as THEIR area and not just as dog toilet ;)
  • activate the people for political action
  • strengthen the community and their sense of belonging

The Tiny Protest Office

Tiny Protest Office - Participation during the office hours.
Tiny Protest Office

As part of the module "Landscape Architecture Deepening: Our Braike - Inventive Explorations in a District Landscape" in the Master's degree in Urban Landscape Transformation, we temporarily created the TINY PROTEST OFFICE. A place where people can work together to support the need for green space in their own living environment.


The Tiny Protest Office was open during the intensive program in Nürtingen from 20th- 25th of June. With the help of the intensive students, Anna, Karl, Ellen and the community we run the office on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Because of our position next to a bakery the many people passed by which we're able to catch out.


We experienced a great support from the local community. They rented us a parasol, offered as a possibility to cool our food and drinks and brought us ice cold drinks and homemade ice cream, which where all very welcomed on the hot summer days we had. So at this point a huge thanks for all the participants, the international students and our mentors for their support!

The Participants

Everybody who visited us during our Tiny Protest Office hours could participate. We really tried to include everyone. No matter how old or young, big, thin, small, huge or with what ethnical background. At our action everybody was welcomed. The most participants where living in the Braike and told as a lot of the history of the Braike, the neighborhood and the greenspaces. The Braikians were involved in the political issue of green space losses in a playful way and acted democratically.


Pictures: Close up of play mobile protesters

The Tiny Protest is a protest march made of Playmobil figures. It is a "tiny protest" because it is not the people themselves who are demonstrating, but Playmobil figures with messages on self-designed protest signs. But behind every Playmobil figure is a real person. The participants had the task to design a demonstration sign and selected a Playmobil figure that they felt was worthy of carrying their sign. The signs give answers to the question: Why are green spaces important? What do you wish for the green spaces in the city? What do you like to do on green spaces?

Our Protest march consists out of over 150 Playmobilfigures and emerged during the intensive workshop in Nürtingen and the Braike Fest in the week of June 20th to June 25th, 2022. With all our pride and the messages and wishes of 150 participants, the Tiny Protest walked through the Braike district festivity area like a real demonstration.

Reflection of the process

The participation rate and the feedback of the people to our action was amazing. They all loved the idea with the playmobilfigures. We believe the figures brought up childhood memories. At the beginning we started the Tiny Protest office with 100 Playmobil figures. Now our protest march exists out of Moore than 150 figures. This exceeded our expectations and made us very happy.

The result of the Tiny Protest campaign shows that green spaces are important to people. The statements on the signs show what's possible and desired! Making these common desires visible can be the basis for activating little-used free spaces.

We're able to implement landscape democracy on a playful way and therefore reach a lot of people. Through protesting through the Playmobilfigures we indirectly made the people to act politically. At the end we're able to implement the seed of our goals in the heads of the participants and concluded that our action was therefore successful.

In the mean time we received further requests to repeat the Tiny Protest to face other challenges in Nürtingen and currently we're planning to exhibit the Tiny Protest march at a small cultural facility in the city center of Nürtingen.

Reflection of my process through story telling


In the mean time we received further requests to repeat the Tiny Protest to face other challenges in Nürtingen and currently we're planning to exhibit the Tiny Protest march at a small cultural facility in the city center of Nürtingen. Therefore, we made an instruction on how to build your own tiny protest.

Game instructions "Tiny Protest"
Instruction page 2.

Phase D: Collaborative Design, Transformation and Planning

Your Prototyping Action

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The Evolution of Your Prototyping Action

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The Plan Behind Your Prototyping Action

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The Realization of Your Prototyping Action

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Reflect on Your Prototyping Action

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Phase E: Collaborative Evaluation and Future Agendas

Collaborative Evaluation and Landscape Democracy Reflection

The Actors in your Collaborative Evaluation

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Reflection on the Online Seminar

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Reflection on your Living Lab Process

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Your Living Lab Code of Conduct

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Process Reflection

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