LED2LEAP 2021 - Uppsala Community Living Lab

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The SLU Living Lab

The SLU Living Lab is based on students’ projects that have the ambition of pursuing democratic design processes. The Living Lab seeks ways to establish a new framework for linking the work of SLU Landscape students to local communities. Its aim is to support and assist students in developing strategies to work in connection to their local communities.

Who is Involved?

The students, together with the instructors and the communities that they will work with.

Main Theme of the Living Lab

The SLU Living Lab will focus on fostering and pursuing students’ theses and individual research projects. The SLU Living Lab does not have a one single community and a single place to work with. Instead, it adapts to the needs and aspirations of the students. The Living Lab offers students in Landscape Architecture a platform for developing and concretizing their research projects. The Living Lab gathers together the communities that the students will decide to work with.


Following the modules of the online seminars, the Living Lab platform will be tutoring students in outreach and developing their research processes. During meetings, the students will be experience peer-to-peer learning through exposure to each other’s projects. The challenge of the Living Lab is to get the participants to engage in critical reflection towards democratic and participatory processes of designing.

Project Location & Dissemination

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The General Locations of the Living Lab.

The SLU Living Lab is constantly adapting to the current circumstances and the SLU policy for distance teaching and remote working. Therefore, the platform of the Living Lab is temporarily hosted online, in a virtual space.