Democratic Landscape Transformation 2023 - Team 5

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Background of your team

  • Please write a few words about your team.
  • Which linguistic and cultural perspectives are you representing? Which disciplinary backgrounds?
  • Diana Salazar :
  • Stefania Bellou-Simopoulou: I am a student at the Agricultural University of Athens and I took the course of Landscape Architecture

Your Landscape Democracy Manifestoes

Here you can add links to the manifestoes you have presented on April 26

Examples of Landscape Activism

In the session on May 10 you will discuss examples of landscape activism from your own contexts. You can share the examples in this section (link, image and/or short explanation). (Fatemeh Abniki)

The Role Play

In the session on May 17 you will present a small role play with your team. Please add here a short reflection on what you have learned from this play. The short list of landscape democracy 'movers and shakers' can be found here

>>> All information on the phase B activities is compiled in this PDF

Readings, concepts and definitions

  • Start: April 5, 2023
  • Due: July 5, 2023

Working in your group, express your personal understanding of the relation of landscape and democracy in the form of a concept map with linking words or any other diagrammatic representation. Please make your maps very visual and not just verbal. Think critically about why one map differs from another

About concept mapping

Before starting the exercise you can read this article by Joseph D. Novak & Alberto J. Cañas about Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct and Use Them. This paper gives a good explanation of how concept maps are conceived and developed.

You can use any tool you like for producing your concept map. However, since the result needs to be submitted digitally we recommend the following open source software for producing your maps:

Please add your concept map(s) here

  • Possible format: JPG (for wiki upload) or link to any other resource
  • You may add one map per team member or an integrated one
  • add as many additional materials as you need

Diagram Democracy Team 5.jpg

Please finish with a short reflection

  • What are the similarities and differences in your team regarding your understanding of what democratic landscape transformation is?

Differences: -Culture, Education, Ideology even Religion -Priorities, aspects & Time

Similarities: -The basis of our team is communication, respect for free expression, and due cooperation, without losing human and environmental rights and values. This is also the main similarity, as we believe that to ensure a better world, people must act collectively and benefit from experiences and new ideas.

  • In how far did the seminar lectures and readings help you to clarify this?

-The lectures helped us a lot to better understand the concept of democracy and integrated planning based on cooperation and communication. This is how we managed to cooperate, coordinate and find short-term and long-term plans. This would not have been possible if we had not expressed our experiences and opinions

  • What will you take home from this seminar?

-How universal is the concept of landscape democracy, and how important it is to continue studying and fighting for a more egalitarian future. Sharing thoughts and listening to the lectures presented a new motivation and a new understanding of the purpose and responsibility of being an architect, a professional, but above all a citizen of this planet.