Democratic Landscape Transformation 2023 - Team 12

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Background of your team

We are Asfia Islam from Bangladesh and Armita Nik Ghorban from Iran and we both are architects by profession. Although we come from very different landscape and speak different language we are here to share our vision of a democratic landscape. As we are becoming more close to become landscape architects we understand what and how to improve a community through connecting with them.

Your Landscape Democracy Manifestoes

Here you can add links to the manifestoes you have presented on April 26

Examples of Landscape Activism

Asfia Islam

The Role Play

Asfia Islam playing the role of Khondaker Hasibul Kabir from Bangladesh reflecting the manifesto of Armita Nik Ghorban. Role play:

Armita Nik Ghorban playing the role of Anne Whiston Sprin reflecting her own manifesto. Role play:

From the role play we learnt about each others landscape problems. even though the context was different, the essence of the both manifesto was quite same. Most of the time the solution comes from the community itself and when a community feels connected to their own landscape they become the protector of the landscape themselves.

>>> All information on the phase B activities is compiled in this PDF

Readings, concepts and definitions

  • Start: April 5, 2023
  • Due: July 5, 2023

Working in your group, express your personal understanding of the relation of landscape and democracy in the form of a concept map with linking words or any other diagrammatic representation. Please make your maps very visual and not just verbal. Think critically about why one map differs from another

About concept mapping

Before starting the exercise you can read this article by Joseph D. Novak & Alberto J. Cañas about Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct and Use Them. This paper gives a good explanation of how concept maps are conceived and developed.

You can use any tool you like for producing your concept map. However, since the result needs to be submitted digitally we recommend the following open source software for producing your maps:

Please add your concept map(s) here

Please finish with a short reflection

  • We are architects and international students trying to work in a whole new context and also sharing the same democratic mindsets, however we come from different countries with different backgrounds. Before this semester we had very different understanding of the term of landscape and democracy but now the horizon has expanded exponentially. This lecture was a key to different perspective for both of us, we learned how to think outside the box, we had the opportunity to meet and hear from people from other countries, and realized even though the type of struggles might be different but at the end most of us yearn for the same thing which is the democracy in our landscape.