Assignment 5: Your Democratic Change Process

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Time frame

Weeks 9 – 12:26.05. – 16.06.2016

Task description

During the coming weeks you are invited to imagine yourself as the designer of a process. This imagined process will allow the community you have chosen to investigate to face the challenges you have identified according to an approach that addresses the need for 'landscape democracy' in contemporary planning and design. Your process could address changes to policies, planning, urban design, community development, governance, landscape management, transportation and beyond. This is a group task, so you will need to decide within your working group to continue working on one of your challenge.

Your approach should include the following elements:

  • a stakeholder map identifying who is affected by the challenge and who may be able to influence, inform and act to activate your process(es)
  • a selection of tools and methods for activating stakeholders in your identified process. Think about the needs of different stakeholder groups - you may need a methodical mix to address them all.
  • a scenario illustrating how these methods/tools might be applied in a short, medium and long-term perspective.
  • A reflection/evaluation as group about the theories, practices or practitioners that have framed your work, including a brief narrative of the potential gaps you have filled in our knowledge as designers and planners of participation.
  • Your findings will be presented to the plenary on 16.06.2016

Submission format and presentation

Group work:

  • select one of your challenges for further work
  • complete template with graphical representations and short explanatory texts
  • reflect how your work relates to the theoretical frame, prepare group presentation

Evaluation criteria

  • Creativity and innovation
  • evidence of solid theoretical and methodological knowledge
  • Completeness, depth and formal correctness of required elements
  • Visible synergy of project team
  • Quality of documentation
  • Quality of oral presentation (i.e. keeping time limits, clarity, expression, quality of presentation slides)