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General: Materials and Recordings

Phase A: Democratic Landscape Transformation - Conceptual Community Mapping

Key Readings

Further Readings


United Nations

  • The New Urban Agenda Quito Declaration on Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements for All, UN resolution from December 2016
  • The Aarhus Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters

Council of Europe

European Union (Parliament and Council)

International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA-Europe)

European Council of Spatial Planners



Accompanying lecture reading: Bruns/Bartolomei, 2016 'Concepts of Landscape'

Phase B: Democratic Landscape Analysis

Key Readings

Phase C: Collaborative Visioning

Key Readings

Further Readings

Phase D: Collaborative Design, Transformation and Testing

Key Readings


Ethics of Prototyping

Further Readings

Concepts of Participation

Further recommended readings and resources:

Community and Identity

Further recommended readings and resources:


A compilation of methods

Further recommended readings and resources:

Communicating a Vision

  • Online decision making with loomio

Storytelling theory

  • Potteiger, Matthew, and Jamie Purinton. 1998. Landscape narratives: design practices for telling stories. New York: J. Wiley. GoogleBook.

Case study - Water Square Benthemplein

  • Boer, Florian, Jens Jorritsma, and Dirk van Peijpe. 2010. De Urbanisten and the wondrous water square. Rotterdam: 010 Publishers. Webpage and Video

Case study - Los Angeles River

Learning democracy theory

Games in urban planning examples

Apps, webpages, toolkits