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The Stalls of the “Wehdat” camp in Amman

Place name Stalls of the “wehdat” camp
Location Wehdat, Amman
Country Jordan
Author(s) Ibrahim almardini
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Rationale: Why have you chosen this case for the landscape and democracy seminar?

  • Wehdat refugees camp is the biggest, most lively and active camp in Jordan with over 300,000 refugees in it. And many of these refugees have no work or education, so they have decided to work on stalls, by selling whatever they can. School notebooks, clothes or vegetables… you name it! This “stalls trading “is a habit spread all over the country and the case of Wehdat is taken into consideration just because it is getting too massive. Recently, a huge riot had happened there, because the authorities have taken action towards this irrational growth of work. It is considered illegal as they pay no taxes over their stalls and also they violate the street because they only need the side walk to show their products. It is a double edge sword; on one hand, they offer cheaper products and on the other, they harm the society with their noise, illegal work and lack of appreciation to others.

Representation of your observations

  • you are basically free to use one or a mix of different presentation techniques
  • possibilities are: analytical drawings, graphical representations, collages, video clips, comic/graphic novel, written essay/visual essay
  • please add any visual material to the gallery, videos can be placed below, you may add text as you like


What are the major challenges for changing the situation?

  • This problem is not only an uban planning failure; it also shows lack of understanding by the government to the public. Of what I can see, you have two ends of this line of problems and if you fix both, everything would go in order. From the community side, these layer of people should understand that what they do does not completely work with the flow of development because they harm the side of shops, then they would collide with each other and that would back fire at them and they would lose their source of income (such as what has happened recently). And from the government side, they have not given some better solutions for that layer to have a regular income that can provide a decent life; they have not provided the space (at least) for them to work in.

What could be a starting point for democractically-based change?

  • Please add approx. 150 words in essay style


  • Please make sure that you give proper references of all external resources used.
  • Do not use any images of which you do not hold the copyright.
  • Please add internet links to other resources if necessary.

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