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14:38, 16 May 2018 2278701.jpg (file) 81 KB the most significant issue here is the brutal image of this new space, which is made of some huge iron structures and is totally incompatible with the soul of the place. moreover, it has produced a detached and discontinuous edge that does not cover th... 1
17:58, 16 April 2018 Photo 2018-04-16 21-45-09.jpg (file) 131 KB This image shows Enghlab Square of Tehran, which is one the important cores of civil life in the Iran’s capital. In the middle of the square you can see a half sphere in blue color, that’s inspired from Turquoise Rings. This part of square is the c... 1
12:29, 16 May 2018 15-khordad.jpg (file) 158 KB 15 Khordad is another Tehran's successful public spaces. which has a great history and is adjacent to traditional Bazaar, the most important challenges here started when municipality started to pedestrianize this place. the infrastructure especially th... 1
21:21, 16 May 2018 289.jpg (file) 160 KB   1
12:23, 4 April 2018 Photo 2018-04-04 10-24-18.jpg (file) 235 KB here is one of the most important historical intersections in heart of Tehran, which is called City Theater. Not only is it an urban symbol, but it also is the start point of most urban protests. In all seasons and all days here is full of people, with... 1
19:01, 16 April 2018 Photo 2018-04-16 22-38-28.jpg (file) 238 KB This image shows entrance of one of historical urban spaces called National Garden, which at the same time is connected to our university (Tehran University of Art). There are some other major urban activities here too, like Ministry of Foreign Affairs... 4
15:24, 16 May 2018 313207 511.jpg (file) 304 KB as you see in the picture, there is an underpass behind the square. traffic problems seem to be solved here, but a lot of homeless people spend the night in the outlying places which are the products of this unappealing design. all the small shops and... 1
21:27, 16 May 2018 Untitled.png (file) 343 KB   1
21:35, 16 May 2018 Untitled1.png (file) 420 KB   1
11:48, 16 May 2018 Emam-hossein.jpg (file) 596 KB Imam-Husein Square was one of the oldest traditional and commercial districts in the capital, however, the previous form had some negative points and weaknesses, it was overcrowded and traffic had been being stuck by trams and other vehicles. the munic... 1