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*[[Zagreb Learning Landscapes 2022]]
*[[Zagreb Learning Landscapes 2022]]
'''Maryland Team'''
'''Maryland Team, US'''
*[[Lurano Living Lab]]
*[[Lurano Living Lab]]
'''SLU Uppsala Teams, Sweden'''
*[[Industrial Area of Bromma]]

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Living Lab Graphic.png
  • Our 2022 teams work in different living labs across Europe over the summer term 2022.
  • The locations are: Budapest (HU), Bologna (IT), Nürtingen (DE), Freising (DE)and Zagreb (HR)
  • We welcome more partners and their local communities to join in the process.

Germany, Nürtingen

Germany, Freising and Moosach Landscape

Bologna, Italy

Budapest, Hungary

Zagreb, Croatia

Maryland Team, US

SLU Uppsala Teams, Sweden